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Conference Certificates and In-Service Hours:

ILHIA does not keep copies of attendee Certificates.  If you need your ILHIA Conference Certificate re-printed, current or past, please complete the Request for Duplicate Certificate – Rev. 12-2018 form and mail with payment to ILHIA (P.O. Box 1122, Plainfield, IL 60544). Duplicate certificates are $10.00 each.  

2019 ILHIA Conference Certificates were sent via e-mail to attendees by Conference Tracker.

Approved In-Service Hours for the 2019 ILHIA Conference are as follows: Day One (Oct. 15) has been approved for Mental Health Awareness Requirements only, and Days Two and Three (Oct. 16-17) have been approved for a total of 14.5 hours toward LHI In-Service Training.  Breakdown below:  

Tuesday, October 15Mental Health Awareness Hours only – 3.5 hours

  • Surviving Life’s Wars / Emotional Body Armor

Wednesday, October 16  (Total for day – 7.5 hours):

AM Main Session- 3.5 hours

  • Risk Management Considerations in Homicide Investigation

PM   Main Session – 4.0 hours

  • Case Study of 1 October Shooting in Las Vegas 

Thursday, October 17 (Total for day – 7.0 hours):

AM Breakouts – 3.5 hours / PM Breakouts – 3.5 hours

Breakout Sessions:   

  • Assessing Reflective Behaviors in Crime Scenes;   
  • Familial DNA Analysis:  A Basic Review and Explanation of Familial Ancestry Testing;     
  • Internet Profiling and Intelligence Gathering; 
  • True Studies of False Confessions

 Attendees are responsible for tracking and submitting their hours to the training board.

When applying for recertification, please use the Illinois Training and Standards Board Lead Homicide Recertification form.  Please include conference title, topic and hours of attendance.

Link to ILETSB Recertification Form:

Note * We have received a few calls from members concerned that the ILHIA Conference does not appear as certified training on the ILETSB website.  To clarify, there is a distinction between ILETSB “certified” courses and ILETSB “approved” courses that can be counted toward the 32 hours of in-service training required every 4 years for Lead Homicide Investigator recertification.  The ILHIA Conference annually receives confirmation from ILETSB of the number of hours that are “approved” towards the Lead Homicide recertification. Approved hours must be tracked individually and reported at the time of re-certification on the approved form.